As an indie artist, you’ve got plenty of hurdles to clear before you achieve success with your music career – a positive mindset is where it all starts!

There are a variety of reasons musicians and indie artists fail. Some lack real talent or work ethic. Some suffer from bad timing – like starting up a hair metal band just as grunge began to take over in the early 90s. Other artists lack motivation or let their fears win. This is definitely an abbreviated list, but you can see a common thread here if you look closely.

We know there are a million and one reasons artists fail. But the #1 top reason they fail is simple: it all boils down to not having the right MINDSET. Almost all the other issues that arise are simply offshoots of this one fundamental flaw.

The right mindset starts with understanding that what you think and the way you think is what determines your course and your music career – and it’s often the under-the-surface thoughts that lurk in the unconscious that run the show. You see, you will only achieve what you believe is possible. It doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to be confident, but it does mean that you stay determined and committed in the face of all odds, and that you get back up on the horse no matter how many times life throws you off.

And I would add that you even have a greater sense of responsibility – almost a sense of duty – to bring your talent to the world and make a contribution as an indie artist (that it’s bigger than just you). When you have a strong mindset, you plan ahead and are mentally ready for each challenge (and figure out a way to adjust even if you’re not ready).

When your mindset is fraught with anxiety and doubt, you can’t come close to living your dream. It’s just the way it works. Because if you don’t believe it to be true, it won’t be. So, I’m sharing with you the top five warning signs your mindset may be a little off. If you watch for these red flags and eliminate them, you’ll know you’re on the right track to a better mindset and more success in your music career as an indie artist.

Red Flag #1
You blame everyone else for your lot in life. But when it comes right down to it – you can’t control others, you can only control you.

Red Flag #2
The reason you dole out for not “making it” is “money.” Even though it seems like money is holding you back – it’s not. You are on an Evolutionary Path and you can’t skip steps. Money is energy – get out there and give – and you will attract what you need.

Red Flag #3
You are afraid to be different. Great artists stand out, not fit in. This takes courage and the willingness to stick your neck out. It also takes support. Find a community that strengthens what is unique in you (this sounds self serving, but it’s not – it’s for YOU: check out my Mind Over Music Membership Circle).

Red Flag #4
You don’t trust anyone, let alone yourself. You’re going to have to put your trust in people (that are worthy), because you can’t do this alone – but put the most trust in YOU – because you are the Captain.

Red Flag #5
You don’t believe in yourself and don’t work on improving. It’s natural for artists to be insecure (an essential part of your nature), but that means you have to work double hard on strengthening your mindset, inner conviction, and faith. Are you?


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